Managing Risks

Moderation is Key

Almost anything we experience in life comes with risks and indoor tanning is no exception. That’s why professional indoor tanning facilities promote a balanced message about indoor tanning and educate their patrons about the potential risks of UV overexposure.

Professional indoor tanning salons believe in teaching moderation and sunburn prevention to minimize the risks associated with UV exposure. Getting you a beautiful tan starts with educated skin care technicians evaluating your skin type, setting a moderate exposure schedule, issuing protective eyewear and implementing other safety screening techniques.

Tanning customers are required to read and sign consent forms that include warnings about potential risks associated with indoor tanning. Warning labels are found on every tanning device and almost always in other general areas. Professional tanning facilities care about your teens and require parental consent for teenagers who tan.

Notice: Exposure to ultraviolet radiation may increase the risk of skin damage, skin cancer and can cause serious eye injury.